The Dream

Paradise on the Margins is an anthology by transgender women of color and trans femmes of color discussing our resistance, resilience, and worldmaking. This includes the creation of social justice movements and community institutions, the ensured survival of femmes and women of color, and the dismantling of heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, and more. This anthology is a symposium, a celebration, and an exploration of our lessons and dreams.

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"Too often, people with resources who already have a platform become the ones to tell the stories of those at the margins."
- Tourmaline


“There’s girls in prison that need to hear from us, who need to know that somebody out here gives a damn whether they live or die.”
- Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

“She loves, unconditionally and without judgement. She is the blueprint for our liberation and has ensured that the path I walk on, that we all walk on, is less rocky because she exists.”
- Janet Mock on Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

“We are not ashamed and we are not afraid.”
- Isa Noyola

“We have to be visible. We should not be ashamed of who we are. There are many of us out there.”
- Sylvia Rivera

The Paradise on the Margins team of co-editors includes Lexi Adsit, Nava Mau, LaVelle Ridley, Raquel Willis and Erique Zhang.

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